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While Penta Motorsports is a relatively young company (est. 2008), the people behind it have experience going back over 50 years from an enthusiast and automotive industry involvement perspective. The support team at Penta can point to solid experience in a variety of competition and car show venues extending back into the 1960s, with the company embracing the ultimate goal of combining “old school” experience and craftsmanship with contemporary technology.
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Steve sanett

Steering the ship is Steve Sanett, who brings with him an extensive background in motorsports. Steve’s dad introduced him to sports cars at an early age and a visit to LeMans in 1971, when they were filming the movie of the same name, lit the flame. As a car owner, Sanett participated in the Indy 500 and Long Beach Grand Prix, and subsequently got into restoring vintage race cars and classics. In 2006 he opted to try his hand behind the wheel and has enthusiastically (and successfully) raced vintage sports cars ever since. His current rides are a 1974 Porsche RSR and a 1957 Lotus Eleven LeMans, while his collection includes a number of vehicles with impressive credentials.
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bill holland

Holland’s by-line has been appearing in automotive magazines, newspapers and websites for over 40 years. But more than just write about things, he’s lived them. Past accomplishments include racing an NHRA Top Fuel dragster and Funny Car, competing at Bonneville, building a number of SEMA project vehicles for Ford Motor Co., and a Grand National Roadster Show AMBR Contender ’23 T Track Roadster. He’s also handled advertising for many major aftermarket manufacturers. Project development and marketing are in Bill’s wheelhouse at Penta, while he has recently become an active competitor in vintage road racing, driving a 1959 Speedwell Sprite and 1962 Daimler SP250 co-owned with Sanett. A SEMA member since 1975, he has developed an extensive roster of contacts in the automotive industry and media.

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Doug’s knowledge spans over 45 years in the automotive industry. He established Doug Pearce Engineering in Australia in 1992, designing , building and fabricating custom cars in particular Cobra , Daytona and GT40’s , He was also heavily involved in the motorsport industry in the capacity as a chassis race prep engineer for Formula Ford and Formula Vee’s during his motorsport years he was also involved in preparing a Group C Mazda RX7 touring car for the infamous Bathurst race in the mid 80’s. We are now pleased to have him as a valued member of Penta Motorsports team.

Debbie Pearce.jpg


PENTA Motorsports is lucky to have Deb as our Race Team Manager. She handles all the behind-the- scenes tasks in order to get the team prepped and ready for a race weekend. Let's just say she does it all. From managing accommodations for race events, cooking for the team either at the track or in the shop, handling parts inventory and data entry. She also helps load and unload the race trailer. And yes....... she even helps with pit crew duties. She is truly a "Deb of all Trades". She GETS THINGS DONE!!!

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mark scott

Mark is a California native who spent many childhood years roaming the paddock of race tracks throughout California while watching his father race Porsches. That is where his love and passion for racing and Porsches got started. It was in 1998 when Mark purchased his first race-car. A 1967 Porsche 911. Over the next year, Mark and his father spent countless hours converting and restoring the car to get it race-ready. Mark spent the next 10 years competing with several organizations and  winning numerous championships along the way. 


KOA - Team mascot

Koa, the Team Mascot. Also serves as the in house food tester. Koa can surely brings a smile to everyone's face. 

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