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The team at PENTA Motorsports has over 50 years combined experience building, developing, and racing one-of-a-kind automobiles. The hyper-vigilance and attention to detail of our owner and founder Steven Sanett has yielded a shop that builds vehicles with the highest standards of fit, finish, and craftsmanship, seen anywhere.

Penta Motorsports is the point of convergence between automotive tradition and innovation.  With a love of the most cutting edge technology and a passionate respect for traditional craftsmanship, Penta is rewriting the rules by creating a shop that puts the driver and his experience at the center of our designs. 


In doing so, we are providing Race Proven Products for your Porsche. Such as refined engine cases, racing headers, pedal assemblies, lightweight flywheels, oil tanks, valve covers and engine shrouds to name a few.

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